Traditional Punjabi weddings and parties usually call for everyone to dress up with as much bling as they can wear. OTT becomes the norm. Put this together with the fact that all the women at all the numerous family events were essentially wearing the same sort of outfit, different colour, different embroidery but essentially the same style – traditional saree, Anarkali or Punjabi Salwar Kamese.  The women were attempting to be authentic and traditional with some trying to strike an individual note with colour or decoration. Having grown up with this myself, I was frustrated and bored with the repetition and lack of originality and shied away from the OTT bling, preferring less is more in trying to dress myself. I began to think about and look for outfits that made a statement about me as an individual, were unusual, visually stunning and stylish and most of all blending the fusion of Western style with Asian materials – Fusion was thus created in my early personal designs. This gained notice from others and I felt enthusiastically encouraged to start making statement pieces which were my early fusion creations – visually different with a definite style and wow factor.

My collection today, is drawn up using beautiful Asian Fabrics, infusing colour, prints and embroidery, a unique type of decoration that has been sadly under-rated for those outfits that were available to women previously.  My Fusion designs can be worn for those occasions when a woman or man wants to make a statement about themselves and how they can embrace both Western and Asian styles and materials.

I feel any woman or man , any age of any race can look spectacular given the opportunity to express themselves and try something new and innovative. You don’t have to be a particular size, height or weight as everything is made to measure, taking care of insecurities women or men have with their bodies. I know you will feel confident and empowered knowing you are wearing something that looks fabulous because it is bespoke to you , and is a life-long piece to be kept and worn again and again.

The beautiful fabrics that deliver our vision of Fusion Clothing come from India, China and Pakistan and have been around for hundreds of years. The silks weaves resonate with the richness of texture and colour. Silk brocade has been worn by women and men not only in Royal Palaces but also in ordinary homes. The various qualities of these fabrics distinguish the many different peoples in the society of the time whereas today, everyone can indulge in all these exquisite fabrics.

how we work

Everyone is unique and individual. Gursharon Bird Designs aims engage you in a couture process with high quality materials and design ideas that will give you that individual piece that you can use time and again. The process is easy and uses the latest technology to ensure we engage interactively through the design and creation process. Put simply “Couture at your fingertips!”

Fusion Clothing

Fusions is the mix or combination of elements or products that can produce a new concept or style. This is what we do at Gursharon Bird Designs, it is a fusion of luxurious fabrics from around the Asian continent that have been fused into our designs that have creativity and a new contemporary outlook.

For decades the influence of Asian clothes and materials have been seen in the designs that men and women have worn. From the silk cravats worn by Victorian gentlemen to the silks and organza’s used to make 30’s wedding dresses – the Asian influence has always been there. To me Fusion clothing is exactly this – it exemplifies the best of both worlds creating a feel good experience where the wonders of the East can be realised anywhere in the world. There’s nothing better than wearing a simple pair of wedges or brogues with a custom made pair of Silk Brocade trousers – Fusion is a wonderful way of bringing together different cultures and we hope you enjoy our efforts through the designs by Gursharon Bird.

Our materials

Brocade fabric has been worn by people of nobility and affluence in China, India, Japan, Korea and later in the middle ages in Greece, Italy and Byzantium.
Brocade is woven on a draw loom using patterns from China, Persia and India.
Often gold and silver thread were woven into the pattern and this would enhance the nobility of the person it was woven for.
Brocade fabric feels raised to touch, even like an embossed type feel to this luxurious fabric.

Silk or the production came mainly from China, where the silkworm was farmed and secrets to how this was done was kept under wraps for over five thousand years.
The popularity of Silk fabric spread throughout Asia and Europe and this enhanced the many types of silk woven into intricate designs for nobility and royalty at those times.

Indian Silk is known as Resham in East and North India, and Pattu in Southern India. With its long history in India, Silk has been produced for thousands of years using particular silk worms and in Assam, three types of silk are produced, Muga, Eri and Pat silk, collectively known as Assam Silk. With Banaras in the North, Kanchipuram, Pochampally, Mysore and Arani in the south, Bhagalpur and Murishadbad in the east, India has an array of beautiful silks which have been popular in traditional sarees and in major costumes throughout the land where the nobles and Maharajahs have adorned their silk clothes with Embriodery and gem stones enhancing the colourful silk threads and creating their figures with majestic opulence.

Chiffon was made purely of silk and to this day, this light weight plain woven sheer fabric has been delicately used in designs and fashion trends. Chiffon resembles a fine mesh or net, which gives it sime transparency. Unfortunately Chiffon has been copied using cheaper variations and due to its immense popularity to resilience, the polyester chiffon was produced reducing the cost and hence popularly it was used in dress making.

Pure Chiffon is used as an overlay to gowns or dresses, blouses and many other garments, the floating and elegant appearance give a sumptuous and regal look, this being very popular from the formal gowns to delicate French lingerie.